About us

From the experience gained in the restaurant Sapori di mare with its owner and chef Ciccio, together with the extensive collaboration of his family and the attitude in the management and organization of events of his wife architect and interior designer Erika, we can now enjoy Scilù Catering & amp; Events : Creativity, flair, originality, refinement in the kitchen and in everyday life come together to create something unique. Art and cuisine have always been the perfect combination.

Whether it’s a wedding, a special occasion or a meeting, Scilù Events designs your moment to remember with passion and attention to detail in an extraordinary setting: Sicily.
Gastronomic specialties of the Sicilian culinary tradition and widely customizable menus represent the non plus ultra of the Sapori di mare restaurant and the catering service that ensure the perfect success of the event.

“Sono sempre i sogni a dare forma al mondo”

Luciano Ligabue




Concita and Erika, both architects, will follow every set-up and the management of the small detail together with the customers. Thanks to their skills, they will be able to develop the customer’s idea in a coherent and organic way and will take care of all the spatial, aesthetic, functional and creative aspects.


The staff

At your service, a focused and prepared staff of chefs who are driven in their commitment by their passion … as well as by their profession and who make experience and competence the main ingredients of each preparation.


“There are no unachievable requests but only desires that take shape.”

Exclusive, original, designed for your needs and your desires. Scilù Events is the consulting company that imagines and realizes the event together with you.

Styles, colors, shapes, light are the ingredients for a perfect setting that will talk about you over time.

The organization of any event begins with the definition of a first, important element: style. The first thing to do is to decide what will be the theme of your wedding or any other event from which to plan everything.

The goal is to be able to correctly interpret the expectations and desires of the couple protagonist of the fateful yes. The intent is to empathize with them in such an intimate way as to make the choice of the entire wedding concept a real journey to be lived together with future spouses.

What offers Scilù Events


Search for locations for ceremony or reception

Budget management

Guests management

Contact and supplier management (flowers, lights, entertainment, photos and videos)

Style & Design

Definition of the theme

Definition of color palettes, set-up materials and decorative elements.

Special arrangements such as the tableau, the sugared almond, the cigar corner, the guestbook.


Creation of Save the date, invitations, day’s program for guests, invitations, menus, placeholders, missals, Social page of your event and care, gadgets for friends and / or best man/maid of honour and personalized favours.

“An entirely Sicilian themed wedding told through an illustrative path.”

“Made in Sicily”: Land of history, unique natural landscapes in the world and timeless architectural beauties where traditions and flavors represent its essence.

Invitation and musical wedding participation

Program of the day

Personalized gadgets for the bride’s friends

Style D&G for Pageboys and Bridesmaids

Personalized missals and fans

Exit from the Church: “Cordella” and folklore

Volkswagen mini-bus Just Maritati

Tasting tour in Side car

Al Baglio themed setting

Sicilian Tableau Plan

Custom centerpiece and placeholder

Sicilian storyteller

Folk musical entertainment

Sicilian Cake

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